Being an alumnus, staff member, and now current student again; I’ve seen Georgetown from a lot of different angles.  In reflecting on these perspectives, it’s how I saw Georgetown as a student that always stands out to me.  In fact, I’d venture to say that this is true for most, if not all, of Georgetown’s many alumni.  It’s why alumni are so committed to helping the university succeed.

Of course, the idea of “Georgetown” is made up of countless different elements, with alumni being one of them.  I can very clearly recall the impression I had of alumni when I was a student.  For the most part, I was nervous around them.  The power dynamic was usually too much for me to feel completely comfortable.  I understood that these people had the keys to the jobs, careers, and success that I wanted.  Because of that, I walked on eggshells around many alumni when I had the chance to meet them.  I didn’t “want to bother them” or “take time out of their busy day.”  I thought that by merely asking for their help, that I was being a nuisance.

Now I realize that my perception was completely off base from the reality.  The truth is that alumni don’t just hang around campus or volunteer their time because they want to relive the old days (though that certainly is fun).  They do that because they care about Georgetown and ALL of its elements, the largest of which is the students.  Alumni want to see Georgetown students succeed and grow.  They are not at all scary, intimidating, or difficult to talk to.  In fact, most of them are excited to talk to you, learn about what you want to do, and help you somehow.  The alumni who have volunteered their time in Hoya Gateway are a great example since they have specifically signed up to be a resource for students.  They are not annoyed, frustrated or bothered when you contact them; it’s what they want!  Whether you have a question about their company, are looking at internships, or just want to talk about your major, Hoya Gateway volunteers are excited to talk!

So make use of this valuable resource, don’t be intimidated, and Happy Georgetown Day!