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Blog Lead PhotoTwo years ago, Hoya Gateway was formally launched! Today, over 2700 Georgetown University students use this innovative, cutting-edge resource to connect with more than 1070 GU alumni for one-on-one career related conversations and create long-term mentoring relationships.

Jeff Blog“Hoya Gateway provides students an opportunity to learn about various industries and companies from alumni who have already successfully navigated their own career path. By connecting with alumni, students can expand their professional network while practicing their networking skills. Both students and alumni-mentors in the program experience what it means to be an alumnus. One of the best things about being a Hoya is the Hoya Gateway Program.” – Jeff Chapski (B’91), Founder of Hoya Gateway.

Julian Blog“Being the first in my family to attend college, I did not have anyone to turn to for help with a resume or how to prepare for an interview. Hoya Gateway provided me with the tools to prepare myself for the world of interviews and job searching. The alumni of the program helped me with my resume and became not only my mentors, but my friends as well. Thank you Hoya Gateway.” – Julian Martinez (B’15), Hoya Gateway Student Leadership Committee Co-Chair

Devi Blog“Serving as Co-Chair on Hoya Gateway’s Student Committee has been an invaluable and beautiful part of my Georgetown experience. I have had the honor and privilege to share my experience with hundreds of students of all years. This resource not only helped me choose my career path, but it also facilitated my growth as an individual and as a networker. Since I joined Hoya Gateway, it has grown tremendously in both its student and alumni base. I am excited to see where it is headed next, and look forward to now serve as an alumni on it!” – Devi Sahny, (C’15), Hoya Gateway Student Leadership Committee Co-Chair

Bryan Blog“Hoya Gateway is an important program that is quickly becoming monumental in the lives of students and those in the Georgetown community. The mentorship that Hoya Gateway provided me was crucial in my development as a professional and continues to be influential in my path post-graduation. Getting advice from and engaging with alumni who care is a defining attribute of what makes Georgetown one of the most well regarded universities in the country.” – Bryan Satterly (F’13), Chair of Student Outreach

Dash Blog“Hoya Gateway made me realize that I have a great support network at Georgetown from many successful alumni. The program is definitely my go-to tool when I need advice not only on jobs/internships, but also just general questions about college and life afterwards. Every Georgetown student should invest in Hoya Gateway and I guarantee you will see results!” – Dash Enkhbayar, (F’16), Hoya Gateway Student Leadership Committee Strategic Initiatives Manager

THANK YOU to all of those who have volunteered their time, insight, and effort into making Hoya Gateway such a success!