HR & Executive Recruiting-4HR & Executive Recruiting is often overlooked by students. However, as a dynamic and growing industry, students do not realize the opportunity they are missing. Today, Hoya Gateway highlights a few of the excellent Georgetown Alumni involved in HR & Executive Recruiting and their experiences within the field.


David Kaiser (B’90)

Executive Coach, Dark Matter Consulting

Why did you choose a career in HR? What unique aspects of HR have made it your career of choice?

First, I went into corporate training because in graduate school, I discovered that I love teaching and I’m good at it. For me, it was all about helping individuals to learn, grow and perform better. From there, it was a fairly natural flow into coaching, which I believe addresses the shortfalls of traditional training by providing a customized solution, across time, with accountability and support.

What is your biggest advice to job candidates?

Stop sending your resumes to websites. You’re wasting your time and it’s not going to pay off. Figure out what kind of work you want to do, figure out 20 firms that need someone like you, then reach out to friends and friends of friends, via LinkedIn, and start having coffee and lunch with people at those firms and in those industries.

Get specific, DO NOT “keep your options open,” you will NOT be heard above the noise. Do not assume that people will recognize your talent and plug you into their organization. Ask for what you want, specifically. That helps people help you, and it’s memorable, you have to be memorable. If you are not memorable, you will be forgotten.

Can you define the responsibilities of your current role?

I operate my own business. I am responsible for everything, although I don’t do everything. I sell, I provide coaching and consulting services, I’m responsible for the strategic vision and for executing on plans and developing products. It has been a great run!


Dominique Taylor (B’00)

Vice President of Talent Management, EverFi

Why did you choose a career in HR? What unique aspects of HR have made it your career of choice?

I started my career in management consulting and then focused on workforce management, specifically recruitment and retention strategies and best practices. I loved helping companies figure out how to attract and retain top talent and eventually transitioned to an in-house recruiting position for a start-up. As the company has grown, so has my role and I’ve had the opportunity to expand my experience and skills as I work to support our team. I’m excited about how HR is evolving and gaining attention as a critical part of an organization because attracting, developing and retaining top talent drives a company’s success.

What are some firms you have recruited for? And positions? Any recruitment experiences that really stand out?

I’ve done front-line recruiting for Dedicated Advisor positions at the Advisory Board Company and for pretty much every role at EverFi. My favorite recruiting moment recently was last year when we launched a partnership with the NHL and expanded into Canada. It was exciting to work through the international expansion and the similarities/differences between the two countries.

What skills, academics, and experiences do you feel have best prepared you for this career field?

My undergraduate degree in business management and my initial consulting experience helped me develop core business skills which are critical for understanding how a business operates – both to be able to identify the best talent to ensure the company’s success and to gain the trust of executives and hiring managers. Additionally, the service ethic that Georgetown and the Advisory Board instilled in me has helped me exceed internal and external expectations throughout my career.


Jamies Peretz (L’98)

Founder of 2MyCareer

What is a career in Executive Recruitment entail? 

Executive recruiters, or headhunters, are responsible for finding the very best candidates for a specific job. In that process, the headhunter spends a lot of time identifying the right candidates, persuading them to consider the opportunity, meeting and interviewing each and every individual, introducing the best potential hires to the client, overseeing the prolonged hiring process and finally, negotiating the employment agreement.

What is your biggest advice to job candidates?

This entire process has given me expertise about what candidates really need to get the offer. I have participated in innumerable hiring decisions, and have witnessed over and over again who gets hired and why. While a candidate must have relevant experience, that is only part of the equation. Successful candidates all have highly compelling narratives that truly distinguish them from their peers.

What skills, academics, and experiences do you feel have best prepared you for this career field?

While it is my experiences as an executive recruiter that are the most direct link to my current leadership role, all of my career, educational, and athletic experiences have combined to give me the ability to lead 2 MyCareer and effectively advise college students and recent graduates in order for them to obtain their first choice career.