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How I’ve Expanded My Network

By Devi Sahny (C’15)

Hoya Gateway (HG) provides Georgetown students and alumni with an innovative network experience.  By facilitating informal meetings between alumni and students, HG helps students build familiarity with alumni currently engaged in a variety of careers and disciplines.

I have experienced this firsthand.  I was immersed in the highly vigorous process of applying for a summer internship in the investment banking industry for a significant part of the last academic year.  And while I spent a lot of independent time and energy in preparing my applications, prepping for interviews, and actually attending several interviews, I have no doubt that HG helped me immeasurably.

HG allowed me to more easily connect with Georgetown alumni who currently work or previously worked in the industry.  All the alumni I have had the opportunity to speak with over the phone, coffee, or dinner have been extremely helpful.  They were happy to advise me on a variety of matters, from how I should tailor my resume to industry expectations to how I, as a liberal arts major rather than a business or finance major, could more efficiently learn material in advance of interviews (which resemble oral exams).  Moreover, some were even kind enough to conduct mock interviews.  This allowed me not only to test how well I knew the material, but also to hone my presentation and build confidence and stamina.

I was most impressed with how much initiative some of the alumni showed.  They seemed to take a genuine interest in my goals and my progress, going so far as to check in with me and to offer mock phone interviews completely on their accord.

But I’m not simply grateful to HG for the depth of the experiences it has made possible; I’m also grateful for the breadth of my experiences.  Thanks to HG, I have expanded my network considerably, both inside and outside of finance and business.  For example, I’ve met with leaders in politics, public policy, nongovernmental and issue-oriented organizations.  Doing so has allowed me to gain a greater non-superficial understanding of a variety of fields.

I know that this will help me going forward.  Not only will I have a greater career options; I will also be able to make more informed and confident decisions over which options I may wish to pursue as I build my career.



Guest blogger, Devi Sahny (C’15), is a rising Senior philosophy and economics major in the College. She has served on the Hoya Gateway Student Ambassador team for the last year and will continue in a leadership role this academic year.