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HG Live 2014

I Didn’t Find an Internship Through the Recruiting Process, I Hoya Gateway’ed

by Julian Martinez B’15

When I first arrived at Georgetown, I had no real identity or guidance to steer me in the right direction or help me make important decisions. Being the first person in my family to attend university created a huge obstacle for me; to whom do I go for help?  I found the answer when I received an email from Hoya Gateway, an online platform that creates an opportunity for alumni and current students to match up and connect with one another. After reading the email, I realized an amazing opportunity had been provided for me; the ability to network with alumni, people who have already gone through these trying college days.  People who had the answers to all of the questions I had.

I was unsure how exactly Hoya Gateway would help me connect with alumni, but upon using it all my doubts became nonexistent. The website was so easy to use and made it very easy to connect with alumni. By using the filters and different settings, I was able to find two alumni who fit exactly what I was looking for and what I wanted to achieve through networking. One alum with whom I met has helped me every step of my college process thus far. At first, I merely wanted someone to help me perfect my resume, but after meeting with the alum so many times, he eventually offered me an internship opportunity for his company, where I am currently working this summer.

I’ve always been an outgoing and social individual, so for me getting on Hoya Gateway and scheduling these meetings was not a daunting task. For those students who are shy and have trouble meeting new people, my biggest recommendation is to just get out there and do it. By networking, you will at the very least improve your social skills, which will later on become very important when you are trying to attain an internship or job. I also stress the importance of following up with alumni, regardless of the meeting type. Following up allows you to begin to form a bond with the alumnus working with you, and I cannot stress enough how much I have learned from the alumni I have network with. Each alumnus had different words of encouragement and advice for my numerous questions.

Hoya Gateway has helped me hone my interpersonal skills and become an individual prepared to take on the task of beginning my professional career on the right foot. I will always be grateful for the wonderful opportunity that Hoya Gateway offered me and encourage every student to sign up.  We are truly blessed to have such an amazing alumni network, and are even more blessed to have an amazing program like Hoya Gateway that helps us tap into this amazing network.