To ring in the New Year in professional style, 13 Regional Clubs (aka our #HometownHoyas) will host networking events with the purpose of bringing students and alumni together for career-related conversation.  The 7th Annual Winter Break Career Tour will take place between January 2nd-6th, a time when we hope students are taking a breather from all that they are involved in on the Hilltop!  Since your winter vacation should be a chance for reflection and preparation for a better year, we felt it was an opportunity for us provide an easy outlet for students to practice the art of networking.

Participating cities include New York, LA (last year’s event pictured above), San Francisco, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Miami, DC, Seattle, and Dallas.  Event formats vary from panels to speed networking, but all clubs are focused on getting students in front of industry experts who are eager to offer their personal and professional wisdom to students.   By attending one of the events and taking advantage of great programs like Hoya Gateway, students should feel prepared to attend of the larger-scale networking events that Alumni Career Services & The Cawley Career Education Center host throughout the school year.

Contacts made at these events can easily be used for summer internships and post-grad full time positions, so do not underestimate the power of small talk!  Ask questions, bond over memories of the Hilltop, and brag about the awesome endeavors you take part in on campus.  Alumni want to hear about what’s going on at their alma mater, and the more you can bond over non-work related stories, the easier it is to work in your elevator pitch.

The events are limited to current undergraduate students only, but it does not matter which event a student attends.  If you’re in Baltimore over the vacation, feel free to drive to Philly or DC for an event!  If there is a question about what the event entails, simply reach out to one of the student ambassadors representing the tour!

To register for any of the 13 events, visit and select the city of your choice on the right side of the page.

Happy Holidays and Merry Networking,


Assistant Director, Alumni Career Services