Virtual Networking pic

Virtual networking… like g-chatting with a purpose! The virtual networking event on Friday, November 8th, will provide Hoya Gateway alumni and students with an opportunity to connect for quick conversations via a chat roulette software through Brazen Careerist. You can network with alumni from the comfort of your dorm room, Saxby’s or Hariri, although we probably wouldn’t recommend The Tombs.

Getting the most out of a virtual networking event requires more than just logging in so here are some tips:

1.  Check your internet connection.  Nothing like connecting with a great alumnus and having your internet crash.  Try to limit distractions if possible.

2. Tell us about yourself. Make sure you filled out your profile completely during registration.  Answering the questions that are asked will allow you you and your conversation partner to have a bit of information about each other so you can delve right in to the conversation.  It’s amazing how quickly the time passes during each conversation so make the most of it!

3. No hashtags. Since the connections are made through online chatting, it can be tempting, or even habit, to use emoticons or instant messenger/gchat lingo – DON’T.  While you may be a wizard at using clever hashtags on Twitter, save those for the twitterverse.  #needajob #bemymentor

4.  Follow Up.  Remember the name of the person you chatted with so you can set up a meeting with them through Hoya Gateway.  Take notes if you have to. Just like any Hoya Gateway meeting or networking event, show your gratitude by following up with a note.  Additionally, while you may see their LinkedIn profile, all alumni may not want to connect on LinkedIn quite yet.  Consider waiting to see if the conversation goes beyond the event to determine whether you should reach out to them via LinkedIn.

5.  Each person represents a Rolodex… so don’t dismiss them just because they don’t work in the exact company or organization that you are interested in.  Each alum can chat about their job search experience, advice, and tips, regardless of their industry or employer. The Hoya network is strong and they may be able to connect you with other colleagues, friends, and classmates in the area you are interested in.

Think of this as Hoya Gateway Lite, and a great way to prep for your next Hoya Gateway outreach.  

Haven’t registered? Register now! (